If you don't have time or personnel to manage your social media account, we can provide content schedules to showcase your lease deals and more. We build audiences based on your past engagement. Ask about our 90-day contracts.


From memes to digital commercials, we can create unique content to target your primary markets. You have the option of factory looks or custom sales graphics that match your direct mail campaigns. Promote your sales event across multiple channels with social media marketing. 


With access to a variety of car brands, we can create social media visual look to match across all of your channels to build a brand your market can recognize and trust. Social media can help keep potential buyers thinking about your brand.

Based off research done by Autotrader, 59% of car buyers spent their time online researching. When you reach a potential customer on multiple channels they are 400% more likely to respond.


Social Media and Video Viewing account for more than a 1/3 of all internet time – making it the two most popular online activities.

Generate more web leads, driving customers to your website by reaching more people in your Primary Market Area with one of our custom video campaigns that spans your social platforms. 


We have various styles of video marketing formats to promote your sales event. A multi-channel marketing can make (or break) a businesses’ success. 

Over 205 billion emails are sent every day with 29.8% of senders believing that their email marketing is just average. 


Average isn’t good enough for us here at Paxton. We can help you with personalized email content and manage all of the reporting so you can focus on what you do best. 

69% of all digital media time is spent on mobile. 2017 organic search visits fell 3% across all devices BUT increased on mobile devices.


Reach potential customers where they are with one our SMS or MMS campaigns. All of our campaigns are compliant with federal regulations. 

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